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who we are

We are passionate about nature and adventure travelling. Our passion has derived us to form Spilet Alborz to serve people who have same passion as ours. Our experience has enabled us to provide unique and best in the class services to our customers that the origin or destination of their trip is Iran. 

Spilet is name of a permanent glacier at the bottom of Alam Kouh mountain big wall (Iran's highest big wall) which is in the Alborz range.


Spilet Alborz is a travel agency with 271160 registration number at Tehran Company Registration Office and has business permit no.126-14867 from Tourism and
Cultural Heritage Organization. 




what we do

Most of the tourists, who travel to Iran; know about Iran's historical background, but they are not familiar with its natural attractions. We are one of the leading travel agencies in Iran that introduces travel packages to our customers that includes both historical and natural attractions of Iran. Natural attractions such as Damavand Peak, Lut Desert, Caspian Sea Forests, Nomad's Lifestyle, Beaches in Persian Gulf Islands and Deserts of Silk Road. 

Currently we are one of the major tour agencies in Iran, and not only we provide tours to local destinations with natural attractions, but also we are the only Iranian company that provides adventure tours to destinations such as Kilimanjaro and East Africa, Mont Blanc, Himalayas, Nepal and many more exotic destinations.